About Us

Not only does SeaTrek Sailing Adventures provide a thrilling motor-sailing experience, we have made it our trademark to offer unique and authentic insider-like, small-ship expedition cruising experiences to our guests. Travelling with like-minded companions from all corners of the world contributes to convivial and spirited exchanges, enriching the entire experience, and we take pride for all the friendships which are born and blossom on our boats; whether for a moment or for a lifetime.

As a true multi-cultural firm, SeaTrek stimulates the development of staff and encourages creativity and initiative. With a crew of 12 aboard the Katharina, 14 on the Ombak Putih, tour leaders, renowned experts and 11 specialists in our Bali office, Seatrek Sailing Adventures currently employs about 45 people and operates a fully integrated business.

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures seeks to set best in class standards in all departments of its many activities, with special focus on safety, transparency and control. Our captains are all class 4 certified, and are assisted by first and second officers. In the engine rooms, three engineers are watching over the vessels operating systems making for safe and efficient travels, and our cooks, pursers and deck hands all dedicate their smiles and energy to make your voyage a unique and comfortable experience.

In Bali, our operations and admin teams are busy making sure that inquiries are swiftly answered, booking efficiently managed and that new itineraries and adventures are researched and designed. In constant relationship with our boats, the Bali team caters to all operational demands including licensing and permits, food and fuel supplies, maintenance and improvement programs.

And last but not least, our three co-owners, combining too many years of professional experience to dare mentioning, assist the firm with the strategic direction and investment initiatives to steer the company forward into the safe and calm waters that lie ahead.

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