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Seatrek 2017 & 2018 Cruising Schedule & Availability

Embarking on a charter cruise with SeaTrek in the intimate company of family and friends will take you on a journey of authentic, simple pleasures, with five-star creature comforts and leisure pursuits, and all surrounded by the wide expanse and mystery of the tropical seas and islands of the East Indies.


We offer myriad options to those looking for customised cruising opportunities of any description: whether it a simple holiday with family and friends, or for special interest groups or professional organisations, all of our cruises can be adapted to accommodate any requirements or to highlight specific aspects of the vast Indonesian Archipelago. Tailored to your specific needs, with professional guides and crew dedicated to creating unforgettable experience of outstanding service and comfort, guests are free to indulge in a world of adventure and excitement, of natural beauty, of barefoot elegance and relaxing simplicity, all wrapped up in the pleasures if great accommodation, fine food, breath taking scenery and the pleasure of being enveloped by the endless horizon of the sea.


We have hosted charter guests from all walks of life looking for pleasure, adventure and that something different: snorkelling, adventure, bird watching, yoga, team building, photography, spice trade tours, cultural tours, naturalist tours, culinary tours, water sports, colonial history, TV & media, scientific research, or simply taking a relaxing cruise through the islands under a hot tropical sun on a sleek and beautiful sailing vessel, you call the shots.

We cruise across the archipelago all the way from Borneo to Papua in the west and east and Sumba and Maluko in the south and north, following the seasons and the winds, and staying one step ahead of the rains so as to provide optimum cruising conditions for our guests.

January to March: Raja Ampat, Sorong, Misool, Ternate, Kendari
April to September: Bali and the Lesser Sunda Islands including the Komodo Archipelago, Alor and Sumba
October to November: The Lesser Sunda Islands, Banda, Ternate and Rajat Ampat
December: Papua including Raja Ampat and Triton Bay

We would like to welcome aboard the MV Katharina, our traditional 35-metre, pinisi style, wooden schooner, to show you how we can create for you and all inclusive, personalised and unforgettable journey across the seas and islands of Indonesia, one of the last great frontiers of maritime adventure. Unlike a large cruise ship, Katharina has only six cabins, with a maximum capacity of 12 adults and 2 children, giving you the freedom to do what you want and when you want to do it. Recently redesigned and constructed of natural woods and classic décor, our stylish cabins are bright and inviting with double or twin berths, individually controlled AC and en-suite bathrooms.

Click here for more details and a photo gallery of Katharina

Our 12-cabin Ombak Putih is also available for charters, but since her schedule is very full with our regular by-the-cabin cruises, these must be arranged a very long time in advance, thus allowing us to include it in our schedule. Occasionally she does become available when an unexpected cancellation occurs thus opening her up for charter. Please email us with your enquiry.

Click here for more details and a photo gallery of Ombak Putih

Our vessels have first rate, multilingual tour guides and are crewed by highly trained stewards and sailors, all of whom are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience. However, if you would like specialists such as a personal chef, a yoga or free diving instructor, simply let us know.

We like to provide our guests with a full and final price for their charter bookings, free from hidden costs and with as few supplements as possible. These are based on a 24-hour day with six hours of cruising a day, full board with professional tour leaders and crew, all food and beverage (except alcohol), park fees, water sports and all taxes an service charges except tips for our crew. Tariffs vary accordingly in cruising areas due to the substantially larger costs of operating in eastern Indonesia.

Central Indonesia – Bali / Komodo / Sulawesi / Flores - US$5,400 / day
Eastern Indonesia – Raja Ampat / Maluku / Papua US$7,200 per day

We have ample on-board facilities and activities to help you and your guests unwind and get the most out of this tropical playground, including snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, or simply lazing in the sun with a good book. For specialised pursuits we are happy to arrange for any kind of activities such as cooking classes, free-diving, rock climbing, kite surfing, wake boarding, etc. Simply ask and we will do our level best to accommodate any wishes.

We understand that the cost of chartering one of our boats is high and that is why we are happy to create realistic payment plans to keep it as simple as possible. Just ask us for details.

If you don't have the numbers to fill a boat just let us know and we will try our hardest to help out by using our connections and international networks.

We do charge for beer, wines and spirits but at a very low cost so as not to break the bank. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol on board at no extra cost. Clients must cover flights to and from embarkation points and extra fuel surcharge may apply if clients wish to include multiple areas or long journeys that require a major repositioning of the boat.

Our boats are the ideal family environment and we are happy to accommodate children of all ages.

Please click on the following links to see a small sample of the itineraries we can offer.

Four Days – Komodo National Park

Seven Days - Bali to Flores

Ten Days - Raja Ampat

Twelve Days – Sorong to Ternate

Eight Days – Raja Ampat North

Eight Days – Raja Ampat South

Seven Days – Flores to Bali

Six Days – Komodo National Park


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Our award winning expert-led cruises program provides recognised explorers, scientists and writers a platform for research and for the design of exceptional expeditions, exclusively available to our guests.  Browse Our Expert-Led Cruises

Alexander Reewijk

Alexander Reewijk is an expert in the field of the history of evolutionary theory, together with Redmon O’Hanlon’s he wrote the book “Darwin, Wallace and others’ in which the contributions of Darwin and Wallace on evolution are compared. Alexander has traveled extensively through the ‘interior’ of Indonesia, He visited Sumatra, Sulawesi the Moluccas and spend one month in Aru where he studied the Greater Bird of Paradise.

View Alex’s Expert-Led Cruise:
Wallace Trails and Sails III with Alexander Reeuwijk
Papua & Bird of Paradise with Alexander Reeuwijk

Janet DeNeefe

Adding extra flavour to this extraordinary adventure will be Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Founder & Director, Janet DeNeefe. Melbourne raised, Janet has made Bali her home since 1984. Her love of Indonesian culture and cuisine led to her opening two Ubud restaurants: Casa Luna, and Indus, as well as inspiring two cookbooks: Fragrant Rice, and Bali: the Food of My Island Home; in addition to a food festival: Ubud Food Festival.

View Janet Expert-Led Cruise >

Ian Burnet

This itinerary will be enhanced by descriptions and presentations by the Australian author Ian Burnet who has spent 30 years living, working and travelling in Indonesia, and is fascinated by the diverse history and cultures of the archipelago. His first book, ‘Spice Islands,’ tells the 2000-year-history of the spice trade from the Moluccas of Eastern Indonesia through China, India and the Middle East until the spices reached Europe. It was the lure of the fabled Spice Islands and exotic spices such as clove and nutmeg that drove ‘The Age of Discovery’ and the first circumnavigation of our planet. Spice Islands has been described as “A wonderful book – a triumph of passion and scholarship.”

‘East Indies,’ Ian’s second book, begins in the port city of Malacca, and tells the story of the 200-year-struggle between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company for trade supremacy in the Eastern Seas. It follows the rise of the world’s first joint stock and multinational trading companies and their conversion to huge colonial states ruling over millions of people in Indonesia, India and Malaya. The book documents the founding of the historic port city of Batavia (Jakarta) and concludes with the founding of the modern port cities of Singapore and Hong Kong.

View Ian’s Expert-Led Cruise:
East Indies Spice Exploration with Ian Burnet
Spice Routes / Spice Wars

Dr. Tony Whitten

Dr. Tony Whitten was trained as a wildlife biologist and since late 2010 he has been the Regional Director for Asia-Pacific at Fauna & Flora International, the world’s oldest international conservation organization. The subject of his PhD at Cambridge University was on the endangered gibbon on a remote and primitive island west of Sumatra in the mid 1970s. After this Tony worked at the University of North Sumatra where he initiated production of a major and innovative series of books on the ecology of the several regions of Indonesia, writing three of them himself, each taking about three years. During a two-year spell in the UK, he was employed by the British government’s conservation agency to write its Recovery Plan for Protected Species – covering sea anemones to wild cats.  He joined the World Bank in 1995 and supported a broad range of activities and projects until he left in 2010: he advised on habitat and species protection issues as part of infrastructure projects, started various region-wide and global activities (e.g. on the forgotten biodiversity of caves and karst), ran a programme which produced 111 volumes of local language field guides to all manner of plants and animals, and was responsible for a suite of conservation projects in Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and elsewhere in the region.  He has an in-depth and broad knowledge of biodiversity and has published on a wide variety of topics.

View Tony’s Expert-Led Cruise:
Wallace Trails & Sails: Naturalist Expedition
Wallace Trails & Sails: Naturalist Expedition II Ambon-Sorong
Papua & Bird of Paradise

Gert De Jong

In 1990, Gert de Jong lived in the Moluccas for six months as a student in marine biology studying dugongs and seagrass. He fell in love with the oceanic islands of eastern Indonesia and its people. He then worked as an ecology consultant in studies on marine mammals, and as a teacher of biology in Amsterdam. In 2008, he started a conservation project for the seabirds that were breeding on remote Indonesian islands. For pantropical seabirds, such as frigatebirds, there are only a few islands left of refuge on which they can breed in Southeast Asia. Since 2012 Gert has worked as an independent researcher studying swifts in Amsterdam during their breeding season, and now, in 2015, he is continuing the Indonesian seabird project, to study and protect the unique island habitats in the Flores and Banda Seas.

View Gert Expert-Led Cruise >

Jeffrey Mellefont

Jeffrey Mellefont is a research associate of the Australian National Maritime Museum, where he had a long career as a publisher and editor. Formerly a blue-water mariner, celestial navigator and skipper, Jeffrey became a specialist marine writer and photographer and has made a lifetime study of the fascinating maritime world of Asia and in particular of Indonesia. He has published extensively on these subjects in both popular and academic journals. Jeffrey has been visiting Indonesia since 1975 when he was immediately drawn into the maritime life of this tropical archipelago with its extraordinarily diverse cultures and history – as well as the study of Bahasa Indonesia, a national language with its roots in the ancient world of sailors and seaborne traders. Jeffrey’s richly illustrated presentations on your SeaTrek cruise draw upon decades of research and adventures sailing with the traditional seafarers and boat builders of Indonesia. He has also sailed through the archipelago by yacht. Jeffrey has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for this oceanic world by leading tour groups exploring maritime themes in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and India.

David and Sue Richardson

David and Sue are passionate researchers and collectors of Asian textiles and since first visiting Indonesia in 1980, David and Sue have systematically visited every part of the archipelago, both overland and by sea using a variety of local vessels. Over the years David and Sue have assembled one of the finest and most comprehensive private collections of Indonesian and other Asian textiles, many of museum quality. They are members of the Textile Society of America as well as the Oxford Asian Textile Group, which is affiliated to the Ashmolean and the Pitt Rivers Museums of the University of Oxford. The Oxford Asian Textile Group was until recently chaired by Dr Ruth Barnes, a leading academic expert on the textiles of Eastern Indonesia.

David has a doctorate in quantum physics from Cambridge University and in his early career he spent several years working with the Ministry of Education in Jakarta on two major government aid projects to completely re-equip the universities of Indonesia with scientific equipment. Sue is an English graduate who spent her career in training and human resources for a leading chain of British department stores. They live in Nottingham with their two cats, Treacle and Truffle.

Dr George Beccaloni

Dr George Beccaloni is an zoologist, evolutionary biologist and historian of science, who worked at London’s Natural History Museum (NHM) for more than 20 years on butterflies and other insects. He enjoys natural history photography and travel, and has visited Indonesia five times, twice as a speaker on tours. George has studied Wallace’s life and work for c. 16 years and is the founder and Director of the Wallace Correspondence Project. In 1999 he set up the Wallace Memorial Fund, which restored Wallace’s grave in Dorset and paid for several memorials to him, including a bronze statue now in the NHM. George has published a number of articles about Wallace and co-edited the book Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace. He was the Historical Consultant for Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, an award winning two-part BBC series about Wallace, and he recently helped the Folio Society produce the first ‘deluxe’ edition of Wallace’s famous travelogue The Malay Archipelago.