Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions we have been fielded from guests in our many years of sailing the waters of the Indonesian archipelago. Naturally, each cruise and every inquiry come with their unique set of questions, but hopefully these will be helpful in letting you know as much as possible about what to expect and how to prepare for a cruise. If your own particular enquiry is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Health & Safety

Paramount for us is the safety of all aboard and it’s something we take extremely seriously. Consequently our vessels are fitted with internationally required safety equipment including life jackets, life rafts, satellite telephone, SSB and VHF radio; radar; GPS; and in addition, all crew members have received basic first aid training.

To bring our passengers up to speed on safety information, the Tour Leader will do a safety briefing with all the participants, shortly after departure on the first day.

First Aid:
Each vessel has an extensive first-aid kit to treat all kinds of minor ailments and injuries. However, it is always advisable that guests bring their own first aid requirements and medical kits, and take ensure that they bring any prescribed medications if needed. Apart from that we carry (AED) and an emergency oxygen supply. Although our crew are trained in first aid, we cannot take any responsibility for medical care on board.

Sun Protection:
The tropical sun in our cruising area is hard on light-coloured skin, all the more so because of the additional exposure due the reflection of the sea. Guests must make sure to protect themselves with a hat, sun lotion of SPF 30 or more, and we advise wearing a t-shirt or rash vest/suit when snorkelling.

Small Cuts and Bruises:
Never leave even the tiniest cut or coral bruise untreated as it can quickly get infected in the tropical climate. We have the means to treat such cuts and abrasions on board, but it is advised that you bring your own antiseptic ointments and basic first aid materials.

Sea Sickness:
Most of the time the waters in our sailing area are generally calm, however, if you are prone to seasickness we advise you to bring some medicine from home. Local seasickness pills are available on board, and it is best is to take them at least one hour before departure and to keep taking them for at least the first couple of days of the trip. For most people, even in case of swell, seasickness usually passes after a day or two once one gets used to the motion of the boat.

Children & Toddlers:
Since the company’s beginning, both Ombak Putih and Katharina have hosted a great number of children onboard, and they have enjoyed the cruises immensely, especially for short trips of seven days. Many of our crew are family men and are very used to handling children, so will be of great help to you throughout the voyage.

The boats were built with child-safety in mind and to this day they still have a clean bill of accident-free cruises. To keep things this way, we need the attention of parents and it is of utmost importance for them to be vigilante and to watch their children at all times. For your peace of mind and added safety, the side railings on both ships have been built higher than on normal traditional Buginese schooners, and we advise you keep a close eye on toddlers in the lounge area, especially where the stairs to the cabins can be steep.

A child over four years old can share the triple cabin with parents, as we don’t have family cabin onboard. The third occupant in this cabin will enjoy a 50% discount.

When to Sail:
April to October is the ‘Dry Season’ around Bali when the weather and seas are relatively calm. During this time we mainly cover the ‘Bali – Komodo – Flores’ or ‘Flores – Komodo – Bali’ routes (Dances, Dragons and Magical Lakes I & II), and during these cruises we sail north of the islands, where ships can operate in the lee of the islands and enjoy protection from wind and swell. The optimum time to go on these cruises is in April – July, just after the rainy season has finished, when the islands are still green and the nature is fresh, although the rest of the season, although much drier with respect to vegetation, is just as dramatic and worthwhile with the possibility of spotting more wildlife. In October the winds and weather shift and we head north to Maluku and Raja Ampat to take advantage of the fine conditions in the north east of thee archipelago.

While malaria has very little incidence offshore, and our guests will spend the better part of the voyage on board where mosquitoes do not venture at all, on quite a few of our itineraries we do visit areas that are prone to malaria infection. Overall the best remedy against malaria is to avoid being bitten, so we advise our guests to wear long trousers and shirts that cover up the skin during island visits and treks. We also recommend wearing light clothing, and also a hat is good protection. Apart from that you should bring enough stock of a good quality repellent and use it before each trek and shore visit, especially early morning and late afternoon. If you want stronger protection you can take malaria prophylactics in tablet form. We recommend you check with your local doctor at home or a reliable travel clinic what they recommend and what is best suited for you. Take a copy of the itinerary you are travelling on so they can give you the best possible advice. Be sure you notify your doctor of any allergies.

What to Bring

Temperature in our sailing area varies little (27° to 33° Celsius year-round) with mostly blue skies and light winds. We suggest you bring light cotton/ linen clothes, including a pair of long trousers for visits in the villages, as well as the following items: water shoes (booties or plastic shoes), hiking shoes, camera, a plastic bag for your camera when disembarking, high protection suntan lotion, a hat, insect repellent, dive/ snorkelling equipment if you have your own (we have plenty on board), as well as a sweater for cool evenings.

Children on Board

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is a family- and child-friendly company, and while we are happy to have children under three on board, it is our policy to notify our other guests. This is not normally a problem, but guest comfort is a priority, and crying babies and over-excited toddlers can sometimes be an issue.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Reservations: You may reserve space on one of our cruises by email on , online at, by fax +62 (0)361-283-357, or by telephone +62 (0)361-283-358. Your booking is not final until you receive a final confirmation from us.

Deposits and Final Payment:
A deposit of twenty five percent (25%) per person is required at the time of booking. Final payment is due ninety (90) days prior to departure. If your booking is made within ninety (90) days of departure, the entire cruise cost must be paid at the time of booking. Payments can be made by credit card, cash, or wire transfer. If you pay your deposit by wire, we will confirm your reservation once your payment has cleared the bank.

Cancellations by You and Refunds:
To cancel your booking, you must submit your request to us in writing by email at Cancellation fees will be applied per person according to the following schedule, based on the date we receive your written notification.

• More than 90 days prior to departure – 25% of the total cruise cost.
• Within 90 days to 60 days prior – 50% of the total cruise cost.
• Within 59 days prior – 100% of cruise cost.

Your trip/cruise is transferable should you provide an alternate participant at the same fare. No refunds will apply to unused portions of a trip once the tour begins. If SeaTrek has un-reimbursed payments on your behalf once we confirm your trip, a change fee may be imposed. The trip price does not include travel insurance.

Travel Insurance:
The trip price does not include travel insurance for your protection, so we strongly encourage you to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance, and we mandate our clients to have a travel & medical insurance policy with an emergency evacuation policy.

Cancellations or Changes by Us and Flexibility:
We reserve the right to cancel, alter or modify any trip without prior notice for the safety and/or comfort of clients due to local circumstances or events. This includes moving guests from one boat to another prior to the trip to optimise passenger numbers. On very rare occasions, a trip cancellation may occur, in which case a full refund will be issued to you, less any airline ticket cancellation fees and non-refundable deposits. This will constitute full settlement of claims you may have arising out of our cancellation.

Force Majeure:
SeaTrek will not be deemed in breach of this agreement by reason of delay in performance or nonperformance of any of its obligations under this agreement to the extent that any such delay or nonperformance is due to any Force Majeure. “Force Majeure” means any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of SeaTrek.

Pre-Departure Documentation:
Please read all trip-related documents as soon as you receive them. It is your responsibility to contact us if any information is incorrect. SeaTrek will provide this agreement, a waiver of liability and assumption of risk agreement and a medical questionnaire to be signed and returned, in addition to your booking confirmation and travel information.

Every effort will be made to carry out our cruise itinerary as planned; however, our itineraries are subject to change at the captain’s discretion. When touring at sea, weather, currents, and even harbour masters don’t always co-operate with our planned itinerary, which sometimes make our planned schedules challenging or even impossible to carry out. For that reason, our written itineraries must be approached with reasonable flexibility. We reserve the right to make alterations due to circumstances beyond our control and/or other factors, in the best interests of all. It’s all part of the adventure.

Health Requirements and Medical Care:
Our trips have varying levels of demands and fitness requirements depending on the specific itinerary and optional activities. To participate, you must complete our medical questionnaire. Medical care beyond basic first aid, due to the sometimes remote regions visited, is often not immediately available If you have a physical, dietary, or any other condition for which you may require special attention, please inform us in writing when the booking is made. SeaTrek assumes no responsibility for any medical care provided to you.

Passports and Visas

Please ensure that all necessary travel documents are valid and effective and in your possession. Passports are required for all participants and MUST be valid for at least SIX MONTHS after your date of return by Indonesian law. Most foreign nationals can obtain 30-day tourist visa on arrival but the citizens of some countries do not enjoy this privilege and have to apply for visa in the country of origin or elsewhere outside of Indonesia. We recommend that all our passengers double-check on the requirements as they are in force at the time of their arrival. Please assume full responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements. We will provide information or advice on general matters such as climate, clothing, baggage, and special equipment in good faith as a courtesy to you, however, please fully assure that you are properly prepared.

Insurance and Liability Release

It is mandatory that all passengers contract personal travel insurance in order to be covered in case of accident, sickness, flight cancellation, evacuation, etc. We do require all passengers to sign a strict and comprehensive liability release, and for scuba divers to sign an additional declaration of their good physical condition. Copies of these liability releases can be sent on request.

Special Dietary Requests

We can cater to special requests for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, halal, kosher, children’s fare, low fat dishes, etc. However, we must be notified in advance of any special needs.


During the cruise you will enjoy the incomparable service of well-trained, friendly and super efficient Indonesian crew members. While it is by no means obligatory, it is a time-honoured tradition on all cruise vessels of the world to tip the crew at the end of the voyage, provided of course the guests have been satisfied with their services. On your final day on board, you will have an opportunity to discretely contribute to a collective ‘captain and crew’ tip fund, which will be distributed equally among the crew.We believe that between US$ 5-10 per cruising day is an appropriate amount (i.e. seven-day cruise = $70 total, not per crew member). However, this is just a suggestion and remains entirely up to the judgment and discretion of the guests. We discourage tips to individual crew members at any time, (except during cases of exceptional service, and only through the head office). Tipping of your tour leader is welcome and at your discretion.


Voltage on board is 220 volts. There is a socket in each cabin suitable for European type plugs, but we do have a selection of adaptors for non-European type plugs. Additional sockets are located in the saloon.