There are three things that I love the most in this world; freediving, travelling and making new friends.

Here, I want to share a little bit about my first love, freediving.

Dani Mulyana -- SeaTrek Tour Leader 



Enjoying the beautiful underwater world with just a snorkel, a mask and a set of fins and being able to get as close as possible to all the marine creatures that live  down there is such a wonderful and addictive feeling for me. And what makes it possible is that I’m not using any of the bulky equipment that a scuba diver needs when they dive. Without it, it's easier for me to control my buoyancy and it gives me more flexibility of movement, and because I am not constantly releasing bubbles, I can move and slide in the water silently and not scare any of the animals away.



For me, freediving is a ride to another universe, a universe where I can actually fly and move freely through 360 degrees in any direction; a place where I am not bound by the laws of gravity. But, like in all great things, there’s a catch - in this universe I can’t breathe. Freediving means holding your breath for long periods while underwater. It’s one big inhale, hold, and down you go. It sounds scary, but it needn’t be. When you learn the right way of doing it, trust me, freediving becomes incredibly easy ... and addictive.



Before I joined the SeaTrek Family in December 2018, I was teaching freediving in one of Bali’s most renown freediving locations, the village of Amed in northeast Bali, coincidentally the start and end point for our Dances, Dragons & Magical & Lakes cruises between Bali and Komodo. Teaching and spreading the 'Apnea Knowledge' is the part I love the most about freediving, and to be able to share my passion with people from around the globe is such an amazing experience. When I see the smile on someone's face when they can finally hold their breath for more than two minutes underwater and are able to dive to 15 metres on a single breath, that’s a precious moment for me.



During my cruises onboard Ombak Putih and Katharina, I love to share my knowledge with our guests. I usually manage to squeeze in a theory session during the cruise and then do some breath-hold training to get the guests interested. Then, once we are in the water, they get to put what they have learned into practice. I once had this nine-year-old girl who held her breath for almost three minutes. But that was nothing. Her grandmother did even better; she did three minutes and FIVE SECONDS! It was unbelievable. On average, everyone else in the group achieves about two minutes, which is pretty good considering this is usually the first time they have tried it.



Even if you don’t get to do any deep freediving, the training helps build confidence in the water and makes for a better snorkelling experience overall. With this confidence and breath control you can go down at least a couple of metres, where you can get closer to the fish and see the corals much more clearly and really get to enjoy the colours and diversity of the reefs.


So, back to my three favourite things in the world: freediving, travelling and meeting new friends. Here at SeaTrek, I am able do all three at the same time. Less than a year ago I was working in Bali. Now, I’m travelling by beautiful pinisi boat to some of the most amazing places in my wonderful country of Indonesia. On Ombak Putih and Katharina, I have been to some of the remotest locations on the planet that are only accessible only by boat - places like Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda, and Sulawesi; freediving heavens that have long been on my bucket list to explore.



With SeaTrek, I have managed to tick these great underwater spots off my list, while at the same time I have gotten to meet many interesting new people and make friends from all over the world. And best of all, I get to show them the magic of freediving and I get to see that smile on their faces when they emerge from 15 metres on one breath and realise that their lives will never be the same again.



It’s my addiction and I love it.



If you would like to learn more about how you can freedive with SeaTrek, please email us here and ask about which crusies Dani will be leading. 

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