Snorkelling with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is the easiest and most rewarding way to explore the splendour of Indonesia’s underwater world, home to the greatest marine biodiversity on the globe. This is why snorkelling is a daily activity on our Seatrek cruises. A mask and snorkel allows you to breathe at the surface with your face underwater, giving you a glimpse into an extraordinary kaleidoscopic world you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.



Regardless of one’s fitness level, snorkelling is something that nearly everybody can participate in, including kids, which makes it the perfect activity to enjoy with your family. In fact, even non-swimmers can go snorkelling with the support of a life jacket. It only takes a few minutes to don a mask, snorkel and fins, and you don’t have to complete a course before you enter the water. Unlike scuba diving, you don’t have to wear a tight-fitting diving suit, there is no risk of decompression sickness and you’re not entrusting your life to an air tank strapped to your back, along with other expensive rental equipment such as a regulator or a wetsuit. 



The waters surrounding the remote and pristine reefs that our Seatrek boats visit are clear and warm, completely free of other people, and flourishing with thousands of species of life. Most people are unaware of the majesty that lies below the surface of the Indonesian seas. The diversity of the marine life in the Coral Triangle is unlike anything else in the world. Many of the reefs are shallow, ranging from sea level to two or three metres and our voyages are carefully planned and timed to coincide with optimum weather conditions – minimal waves and maximum sunshine in the regions where we cruise.



Naturally, sunlight increases visibility, highlighting the true colours of fish and coral, bringing out the ‘wow’ factor of the experience. We also know secluded sites where we can take you snorkelling with giant manta rays or gentle whale sharks. You may see hundreds of species of coral, white tipped or black tipped reef sharks, sea turtles, mantis shrimp, giant trevallies, barracuda, cuttlefish, stingrays, bumphead parrotfish, giant clams and so very, very much more. You might even have the rare and wonderful experience of encountering a wild dugong in the shallows.



Snorkelling requires little or no training but our experienced guides will be happy to dedicate whatever time is needed to help first-timers feel comfortable in the water, they will teach you how to move in the water when snorkelling with fins, which is another reason why snorkelling is such fabulous fun; fins allow you to swim like a fish. Meanwhile, anyone who doesn’t feel safe enough can use a floatation device. Our highly trained guides will also teach more experienced snorkellers the secrets and techniques of freediving, enabling you to descend a few metres into the depths to get close to a giant mantra ray, for example, a turtle, or a pigmy seahorse on a gorgonian fan.



Our caring guides are also highly trained in snorkelling practices, and experts in the local marine environment. Before entering the water, they will provide a brief evaluation of the site including any particular highlights, and they will always be present to assist in any way needed: helping with a mask, entering or exiting the water, or helping you identify an unknown fish. They are aware of the hazards as well, so they will make sure you have fun and avoid the possibility of any injuries to yourself.



Most of the boats that operate in Indonesia are dive companies, and dive boats are exactly that: boats that cater to the needs of scuba divers, not snorkellers. In general, independent snorkellers are simply told to use the beach, and while shore snorkelling can sometimes be excellent, the sites are very often damaged and crowded with other snorkellers. SeaTrek visits some of the most spectacular, secret and exciting snorkelling sites in far-flung Indonesia, which – of course – can only be accessed by boat. We also provide all the equipment you will need to snorkel while on board, so there's no unnecessary expenses.



So, why SeaTrek? We think the answer is clear.

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