It has been an exciting few months for us at SeaTrek ever since we found a group of whale sharks in May 2019 along our route between Bali and Komodo. Since then, we have had the honour of taking many of our guests to this semi-secret location to swim and snorkel with these magnificent creatures, and each one of the guests has been simply blown away by the experience. So successful has it been that we are officially changing the itinerary in 2020 to include the whale sharks in many of our Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes departures.


HOW LONG IS THE WHALE SHARK SEASON? What this new discovery means is that in addition to our two-month November and December whale shark snorkelling season in Papua, we now have a further five-month window of opportunity to swim with whale sharks near Bali between April and September each year. An unheard of total of seven months in a year!


WHAT IS IT LIKE? A picture is worth a thousand words, so we would like to present to you a sample of photos that we have taken at the actual sites of our whale shark encounters between Komodo and Bali in these past few months, including a very short video of a passing shark that we hope will show perspective for how big and impressive these mighty fish really are.













WHEN CAN I GO IN 2019? Our Komodo season is coming to an end in August, but we now have the whale sharks of Triton Bay in Papua to look forward to at the end of the year.

We have three charters and three regular cruises planned for November and December of this year, where our guests will be able to enjoy not only swimming with the whale sharks, but to snorkel the fantastic coral reefs of Raja Ampat and to see the flamboyant birds of paradise in their natural rainforest habitat.

WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? If you would like to come and see and experience this for yourselves in 2019 or 2020 and beyond, we have the following cruises for you to choose from.

Papua's Whale Sharks and Birds of Paradise - Papua & Raja Ampat - November & December

Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes - Komodo to Bali - April to September


Find the cruise that best suits your travel plans and then click here to Contact Us and speak to one of our team.

They will have you swimming with whale sharks in no time.




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