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During this ten-day cruise, SeaTrek and Thijs Heslenfeld will take you on a far-reaching photographic exploration of what is without a doubt one of the least visited but most memorable adventure destinations on our planet. With camera in hand and Thijs expert guidance, you will be able to hone your camera skills in one of the most photogenic places in the world for natural history and splendour.

Each morning, Thijs will provide a short lecture on a specific topic. After that you can put all that into practice, both on shore and on board. You will see for yourself how the smallest changes in the background of an image can completely change its atmosphere. How extremely important it is to understand light conditions, and how to work with them. Why in most cases an image becomes much stronger by avoiding little extra's instead of adding them. Thijs' approach is down to earth and relaxed, focusing not on the technical aspect of photography but on the creative side: 'Technique is important, but you can learn most of that from a book or a tutorial on YouTube. I want people to experience the difference between a snapshot and an image that really touches. And in my experience the secret is connection. If you open yourself up fot the world, for other people but also for animals and nature, you will notice that what you give is what you get back in return. That is something beautiful that your images will show. And that is the core of my workshops.' This approach also means that participants of any level are welcome, and you can turn up with a professional camera or an iPhone. For more on Thijs, please visit www.thijsheslenfeld.com

As for the nature, you will experience some spectacular snorkelling, visit some fascinating local people and experience their vibrant cultures first hand, and we certainly hope to witness the curious bobbing, flapping and weaving display dance of the red bird of paradise, to hear the shrieks of the crested cockatoo and the loud whooshing wing beats of hornbills in flight.

Note: The price of this cruise does not include any domestic airfares to and from our start and end points, however, our reservations specialists in Bali are more than happy to help arrange domestic flights on your behalf and advise on scheduling. We book hundreds of flights each year on behalf of our guests and we know the best routes to take to ensure you arrive on time. We only book with IATA-approved airlines that have met with international standards of safety and dependability. Except for Bali, transfers to and from local airports to the boat are also included. If you are booking flights by yourself, do not book any flights before checking with us first. Our first and last day programmes rely on strict time scheduling, so please confirm with us to ensure that you arrive and depart at your destination with plenty of time to spare and to avoid disruption to other guests' schedules.