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This five-day inclusive voyage of discovery on our 12-passenger boat, Katharina, provides a wonderful opportunity to experience what the Komodo Islands have to offer both on land and in the sea. The natural beauty of these islands and the surrounding waters will unfold before you, from the highest ridges of Rinca Island to the minutest details within the colourful coral reefs. Our focused tour of the small group of islands and atolls around Komodo includes a ranger-led trek through the Komodo National Park in search of the famous Komodo Dragons, and visits to local villages, as well as ample time for snorkelling and viewing the kaleidoscopic beauty of the underwater world. Unlimited use of the stand-up paddleboards and sea kayaks onboard will add yet another dimension to your nature explorations. The cruise also includes a ranger-led trek through the park looking for an encounter with the prehistoric Komodo Dragons. The Komodo National Park archipelago is not only home to the dragons but also to an incredible diversity of marine life found in the rich, current-swept reefs and the surrounding open water.

WANT TO ADD AN ORANGUTAN EXPERIENCE? Contact us now if you would like to have an optional pre-trip add on of a six-day package that involves a four-day river cruise in Kalimantan, Borneo, to see orangutans in their natural habitat. 

Note: The price of this cruise does not include any domestic airfares to and from our start and end points, however, our reservations specialists in Bali are more than happy to help arrange domestic flights on your behalf and advise on scheduling. We book hundreds of flights each year on behalf of our guests and we know the best routes to take to ensure you arrive on time. We only book with IATA-approved airlines that have met with international standards of safety and dependability. Except for Bali, transfers to and from local airports to the boat are also included. If you are booking flights by yourself, do not book any flights before checking with us first. Our first and last day programmes rely on strict time scheduling, so please confirm with us to ensure that you arrive and depart at your destination with plenty of time to spare and to avoid disruption to other guests' schedules.