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Wallace Trails & Sails

Cruising in the Wake of Alfred Russel Wallace

This expert-led cruise from Sorong to Ternate honours Alfred Russel Wallace, the 19th century British naturalist and co-founder of the theory of evolution. We will explore, on land and underwater, what captivated Wallace about this part of the world, including the birds of paradise.

Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands Pre-Cruise

Travel with us by land to some remote villages on the island of Flores. Witness natural dyeing techniques, buy textiles from the villagers, taste local culinary favourites and see the famous towering Kelimutu volcano with its three, multi-coloured crater lakes.

Wonderful Komodo Cruise

Cruising Komodo National Park

A five-day cruise through the waters of Komodo National Park encountering an amazing variety of wildlife from Komodo Dragons to flying foxes, sea eagles and giant manta rays, while visiting white-sand beaches, snorkelling colourful reefs or ascending savannah-wrapped hills offering spectacular views.

Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands with David & Sue Richardson

Together we will explore the extraordinary ancestral traditions and amazing landscapes of the Lesser Sunda Islands, where textiles are the predominant form of artistic expression. Every region has its own unique textile culture, its own style of dress, and its own motifs.

East Indies Exploration: Culture, Sea & Spice

Spice Island Cruise

Follow in the footsteps of the maritime explorers on our cruise from Flores to Ambon, through Indonesia’s volcanic ‘ring of fire’ to the historically-famous Banda Islands, lined with clove and nutmeg trees, and blessed with pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs.

Seabirds, Cetaceans and Spices

Komodo to Spice Islands Cruise

In the company of seabird expert, Gert de Jong, we will encounter Komodo dragons, the marine life of the Wakatobi National Park and the seabird colonies of the Banda Sea, while also exploring the illustrious history of the spice trade.

Indonesia's Exquisite Birds of Paradise

Halmahera to Raja Ampat

Travel on the Katharina on a ten-day voyage into the heart of Maluku and Raja Ampat, encountering myriad special of birds and the possibility of seeing up to nine birds of paradise species.

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Wild Wings

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