Banggai is an archipelago of about 75 islands located just south of the Equator off Central Sulawesi. This is the only place on Earth where you can see the exquisite Banggai cardinal fish in their natural habitat. The chief town and port of the group is Banggai, on Banggai Island.

Cruises related to Banggai

Corals, Cultures & Dragons

Immersing ourselves in the unique nature and island culture of East Sulawesi, we will snorkel on magnificent reefs, explore remote villages, and go on jungle treks to spot endemic birds, before finally encountering the fearsome Komodo dragons on Rinca Island.
Mar 2018 thru Mar 2019
13 days / 12 nights

Spice Traders, Island Tramps and Sea Gypsies

Seafaring history expert, Jeffrey Mellefont, leads an adventure through ancient monsoon sailing routes to some of Indonesia’s remotest islands, connecting us with the true nature of this island nation: a maritime crossroads of rare spices, sea-borne trade, migration and boat-builders.
Jan thru Feb 2019
10 days / 9 nights