Halmahera is the largest of the Maluku islands; its three peninsulas enclosing three great bays. Visitors will find magnificent rainforests, idyllic small islets, beautiful white-sand beaches, and rich coral reefs teeming with marine life. Morotai Island is mountainous and wooded, with some great beaches, interesting diving spots, and swampy areas.

Cruises Related to Halmahera

An Exploration of Eastern Halmahera

There are lots of exciting new experiences and adventures to be had on this great new trip will journey up through Raja Ampat and the explore the eastern and northern parts of Halmahera, before sailing down through Kao Bay to finish near Ternate.
Feb thru Apr 2019
15 days / 14 nights

In Search of Wallace and His Living Treasures with Dr. George Beccaloni

In the company of Wallace-expert, Dr. George Beccaloni, we will voyage in the wake of the legendary naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, through Raja Ampat in search of the extraordinary birds of paradise en route to the clove-scented island of Ternate.
Jan 2020
12 days / 11 nights

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