Who needs Jurassic Park when here in Indonesia we have Komodo Island and its infamous Komodo Dragons? Due to its fearsome residents, this 390-square-kilometre island was once a place of banishment for local people who had to share their lives with the fearsome dragons. Nowadays, Indonesia’s living dinosaurs have their very own national park, and the much-visited Komodo and Rinca Islands are places where Komodo dragons pose for visitors’ photos on a daily basis. Komodo National Park is located on the western end of Flores, 200 nautical miles east of Bali, and was founded to protect the Komodo dragon, and later other species, including over 1,000 species of marine life and the resident giant manta rays. Cruising the Komodo National Park is best done on one of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures liveaboard pinisi sailing ships, so that you can enjoy the full experience of kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and snorkelling the magnificent coral reefs. 


Cruises related to Komodo

Wonderful Komodo Cruise

A five-day cruise through the waters of Komodo National Park encountering an amazing variety of wildlife from Komodo Dragons to flying foxes, sea eagles and giant manta rays, while visiting white-sand beaches, snorkelling colourful reefs or ascending savannah-wrapped hills offering spectacular views.
Mar thru Sep 2019
17 days / 16 nights

Corals, Cultures & Dragons

Immersing ourselves in the unique nature and island culture of East Sulawesi, we will snorkel on magnificent reefs, explore remote villages, and go on jungle treks to spot endemic birds, before finally encountering the fearsome Komodo dragons on Rinca Island.
Mar 2018 thru Mar 2019
13 days / 12 nights

Seabirds, Cetaceans and Spices

In the company of seabird expert, Gert de Jong, we will encounter Komodo dragons, the marine life of the Wakatobi National Park and the seabird colonies of the Banda Sea, while also exploring the illustrious history of the spice trade.
Sep 2018
12 days / 11 nights

Dragons, Bats, Butterflies & Bugs

Encounter rare indigenous creatures, great and small, from Komodo Dragons to bats, butterflies and bugs, as we cruise through magnificent scenery, gently trek through river valleys and savannah grasslands, and snorkel in the clear waters of the Komodo National Park.
Sep 2018
8 days / 7 nights

Dances, Dragons and Magical Lakes I & II

Immerse yourself in the Komodo National Park and Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands on a voyage of discovery from Bali to Flores, or Flores to Bali, visiting remote beaches, villages, jungle-clad mountain ranges, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, a mysterious lake, and the legendary Komodo Dragons.
Mar thru Aug 2019
5 days / 4 nights

Orangutans And Dragons

A two-in-one adventure that will take you on a river-boat cruise through Central Kalimantan in search of proboscis monkeys and orangutans, followed by a sea voyage from Bali to Flores, visiting beaches, villages, waterfalls, a mysterious lake, and the legendary Komodo Dragons.
Apr thru Jul 2019
7 days / 6 nights

Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands with David & Sue Richardson

Together we will explore the extraordinary ancestral traditions and amazing landscapes of the Lesser Sunda Islands, where textiles are the predominant form of artistic expression. Every region has its own unique textile culture, its own style of dress, and its own motifs.
May 2019
12 days / 11 nights

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