The Scents of the Spice Islands

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
Dates: September
Highlights: Cruising between Ambon and Ternate this exciting voyage will visit the remote Banda islands, where we will wander through the nutmeg plantations, and retrace ‘the marine spice route’ north through the Moluccan islands to the clove plantations of the fabled Sultanate of Ternate.

In Search of Wallace and His Living Treasures with Dr. George Beccaloni

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
Dates: October & January
Highlights: This expert-led cruise between Ternate to Sorong honours Alfred Russel Wallace – 19th century British naturalist and co-founder of the theory of evolution. We will explore, on land and underwater, what captivated Wallace about this part of the world, including the birds of paradise.

Seabirds, Cetaceans and Spices

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
Dates: October
Highlights: In the company of seabird expert, Gert de Jong, we will encounter Komodo dragons, the marine life of the Wakatobi National Park and the seabird colonies of the Banda Sea, while also exploring the illustrious history of the spice trade.