Dive into 2013 with Sea Trek

SELAMAT TAHUN BARU or HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our Sea Trek friends and family!  Our trusty fleet and crew are now enjoying some well-earned rest in Bali after their safe return from Indonesia’s remotest islands.

While the Ombak Putih and Katharina receive some TLC in drydock, the Sea Trek team is busy on the ground preparing for the upcoming 2013 season.  The office is abuzz with excitement as we discuss this year’s intrepid  itineraries.  Along with our varied selection of island hopping adventures, we will host many expert- led and themed cruises in 2013.  For starters  we will honor the extraordinary life  of  naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, get entwined in intricate weavings on our Island Textiles Cruise and follow the spiritual legacy of the Maritime Silk Route.

Our website is undergoing  a facelift too.  We hope to reveal a fresh new platform that will make your Sea Trek experience online as comfortable, informative, as the trips themselves. Stay tuned for the upcoming stream of news, blogs, and media that both reflect on last year’s amazing sojourns and showcase our future expediations.

True, many changes are afoot, but many things will stay the same, like our friendly service, cultural immersion, jaw-dropping scenery and sense of adventure.  Whether you are a long-time friend, or just testing the waters, Sea Trek invites you to plunge into the 2013 season with us …

the water is sublime indeed!


You won’t see it written on any of our itineraries, but for many Sea Trek guests, the highlight of any trip is simply enjoying the boat and life at sea.  For both the young, and the young at heart, taking a delicious plunge into the crystal clear waters of Indonesia can be either a relaxing or thrilling way to cool off under the tropical sun.


This boy from down under just loved to fly high.  Sometimes it was hard to get our energetic guest, Tom, from launching off the boat!  Here he squeezes in his last dives before the sun sets on another magical day at sea.


These brave gentlemen from Holland showed us  how to walk a Phinisi gang plank with piratical style. This group plummet would have made Captain Davy Jones or any Buganise Pirate most proud!


Having mustered up her courage, American guest, Ruth, braves the big plunge into the seas off of Moyo island. Gazing down from the bow, the water appears a long way down indeed.  Sometimes its better not to look before you leap!


Living on the boat year-round gives our Indonesian crew plenty of opportunities to practice the art of the perfect plunge.  LEFT: Steering Mate John shows off his swan dive after a Komodo dragon trek in Flores. RIGHT: Engineer Hatta starts his morning bath with style in South Halamahera.


Cruising through the unique karst islands of Raja Ampat, how could you not fall head over heels with the scenery?


Its hard to say who had more fun diving off the boat into the waters of Papua, our energetic Canadian guests or the ecstatic crew!  Jumping isn’t necessary to participate in the fun.  For many guests, simply watching the display of cannonballs, somersaults and belly-flops while enjoying a cold Bintang Beer from the comfort of a deck chair is an equally enjoyable option.


For those thrill seekers who have mastered vaulting from the top deck, another challenge awaits. Here John does his best impression of a Brahminy Kite by vaulting off the mast, gliding high above our heads before gracefully plunging into the sea.


What’s more fun than springing off a boat into tropical Indonesian waters?  Diving in with your mates! Here both crew and guests defy gravity over the waters of Raja Ampat and Komodo National Parks.


All of our Sea Trek journeys explore exotic island destinations both by land and by sea. We are also pleased to offer you the briefest, but most thrilling flight of your holiday itinerary. Let your spirit soar!


Why not get creative when vaulting overboard?  LEFT:  Still dressed in his chef’s hat and apron,Gede could be the world’s best flying cook.  RIGHT: Second officer Hendrik takes a break from his duties at the helm and makes a splash by cartwheeling overboard.


Tour Leader Mathieu shows us all how it’s done, plunging backwards into a Sumbawa sunset. Just another day at the office for the flying Frenchman. C’est chouette!


Whether entering the water with a dramatic splash, or lowering yourself down gently from the ladder, cooling off alongside our beautiful boats is one of the greatest joys to be had on any Sea Trek Journey! Here our Spice Islands Cruise takes a break from exploring historical sites to drift along the shores of a Maluccan jungle.


After a dip in a volcanic lake and a snorkel around the reef of Satonda island, Italian guest Mario makes the most of his time at sea and springs back into the refreshing waters to submerse himself in his afternoon siesta. Ah! La Dolce Vita!