Snorkeling is the quickest and easiest way to explore the splendour of Indonesia’s underwater world, home to the greatest marine biodiversity on the globe, and this is why snorkelling is a daily activity on our cruises. It is something that nearly everybody can enjoy, including kids, and it only takes a few minutes to don a mask, snorkel and fins. You don’t have to complete a course before you go into the water, in fact, even non-swimmers can go snorkelling with the support of a life jacket. The waters are clear and warm, flourishing with thousands of species of life, guaranteeing an amazing experience each time you put your head under the water. Each of our boats has a full complement of equipment to suit all sizes, and if you’ve never done it before, never fear - our tour leaders can easily teach you the basics and help you along the reef until you get the hang of it. After that, the underwater world is your oyster!