We are delighted to offer guests on our Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes cruises between now and the end of September 2018, an extra special and very limited opportunity to visit some seldom-seen sights in Sumbawa - a visit to Bungin Village, the second largest Bajau Sea Gypsy village in all of Indonesia, and a trip to the beautiful white-sand island of Kenawa.

Seeing as it's such a small window with very limited availability, we are offering guests FREE DOMESTIC FLIGHTS to or From Bali & Komodo.


The sprawling Bajau settlement on Bungin Island.

 Bungin Island is home to a group of Bajau ‘Sea Gypsies’, famous for living in stilt houses above the water and living entirely off the sea. It is the second largest Bajau settlement in Indonesia and will provide you with an amazing and rare opportunity to experience a part of Indonesian culture that is a huge part of the country’s seafaring tradition.

Click here to read more about these fascinating people.


Kanawa Island (Click here to watch a short video)

We will also visit the beautiful white sands of Kanawa Island in West Sumbawa, where we will snorkel, paddle board, swim and explore the island’s beaches, grasslands and corals throughout the morning.


We only have limited availability so contact us now to avoid disappointment